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"This is Forsaken Rose. We'll help each other and we'll not abandoned each other. We're doing this on our own and we'll never obey to anyone."
Ignis Niveus

The Forsaken Rose (フォーセーケン・ローズ, Fōsēken Rōzu) is the main protagonist in four chapters of Mobile Suit Gundam FATE anime series. This faction is a private security company/private military organization which founded by Ignis Niveus.


The Forsaken Rose is established from a group of orphans who have lost their familys or being abandoned in D.E. 02210.

After the sudden appearance of Judicium in D.E. 2212, the Forsaken Rose has became well known after their actions to provided aid for assisting the evacuation through both supplies and manpower during the appearance of unknown species. In seven years later, Forsaken Rose have entered the abandoned Atenghinia City to repair the whole city and become their primary headquarters. Later, the Forsaken Rose were marked as largest private security company on the planet.

List of Known Members

The Forsaken Rose has at least 45 known main members, leading to speculation that it is a company-sized formation.

Main Article: Forsaken Rose/Members

Headquarters / Secret Places

Names Place Status
ORCHID Orbital Station Space
NEXUS Base Earth

Mobile Weapons

Names/Model Numbers Primary Pilots Status Launched Destroyed
FRMS-PROTO Proto Quantum Gundam
FRMS-X0000 Quantum Gundam
FRMS-X2200 W Gundam
FRMS-X2770 Hound Gundam
FRMS-R1000 Egret 02212 D.E.
FRMS-R2000 Elvis

Vehicles & Support Units



Every members of Forsaken Rose has wearing either the original jacket and trenchcoat with their personal colors. The members are also wearing a pair of boots and trousers.



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