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Chapter 8: Forced Evolution, part 2


Elizabeth Kennedy, full of excitement, wakes her brother up to inform him that today is the day she takes the Forced Evolution test. She asked him questions about the test, one notable question is what is the reward for passing it, Ash is unable to answer that question because it was to be kept a secret until she passes the test. She understood what he tells her, and they go to the Testing Grounds of Emerald Tower Militaire.

Meanwhile, in the headquarters of the Lightning Squad, William Osborne, the leader and commander of the squad makes preparations for the first battle of the Sacred Lightning War. He tells Gerald to use Emily Smith, who happens to be a Cyber-Newtype that they kidnapped from the Sapphire City Mall before its destruction as the pilot of the Psycho Gundam. A hooded member of the Lightning Squad managed to steal the Injection for the Psycho Gundam from the Kennedy Family, it has the cells needed for the latter to absorb Emily, and William uses them for the first wave of the Sacred Lightning War, which happens to be in the colony of New Hong Kong.

Ash and Elizabeth saw John Hawkins, noticing that they have known each other since they were kids, they went to Elementary School, Middle School, and High School with John, which makes the transition to Emerald Tower Militaire easier. They also met Shane Johnson, who has heard of Ash from his achievement of saving his sister from her death. Shane was jealous of Ash for such achievement and forms a rivalry with him. He develops a crush on Elizabeth, but Elizabeth slaps him for such thing, stating that she has a soft spot for the person that she cares about the most, her brother Ash, and not for someone else.

Elizabeth takes the Forced Evolution test, with Ash and Serena explaining the rules and regulations of the test to her. She goes on to the first stage of the test, she instantly wiped out all of the Zaku II's within the same time Ash did, Ash reveals to Serena that he and Elizabeth were born as Innovators, which makes Ash a hybrid of both, a Newtype and an Innovator. It was also revealed that Ash's Newtype abilities are lacking, limiting him to the Psycommu system and the Bio-Sensors.

Elizabeth passes the test and goes to the Sleeping Chamber, she was then put to sleep for five days. During her sleep, her genes begin to change and she starts to see things she couldn't see before. One of which happened to be flashbacks from her past, and her time at the Lightning Squad. Elizabeth starts to open one of her eyes during the third day of her sleep, she opens another on the fourth day.

The Episode ends with a preview for the next episode, narrated by Elizabeth.

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