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Chapter 26: First Time in Space


After the GOUF was proven to be a success, Jack Crawford issued the creation of the successor unit, the GOUF Ignited. Ash & Saji talk to Jane about the next major battle in the war, however, they were interrupted by Allelujah Haptism and Lyle Dylandy, who came to inform Task Squad 496 that they need to start on their first Space Practice drill.

Serena asked about the Space Practice drill, and Tieria came to answer that question, stating that it is mandatory for a pilot to practice in it before taking part in the upcoming space battles during the Sacred Lightning War. All of TS496's members, even Jack and Serena, liked the idea, using their mobile suits to initiate the drill.

Meanwhile, in the Battleship Starcross, William has completed repairs on his mobile suit, The O; he even mentioned that regardless of the Lightning Squad's disabilities in the war, he shall never admit defeat to Task Squad 496 at all.

The screen goes back to the Task Squad 496 headquarters, where Jack has announced the addition of some new crew members, namely the Yamato Siblings, the Bolton Brothers, and Derek Fisher; everyone in TS496 greeted the new crew members nicely and respectfully. Elizabeth then prepares to launch the Galacticus Starta into space.

"Little sis, look at the stars, they look so beautiful from afar."
―Ash, telling his sister to look at the stars
"Oh yeah! They certainly do look beautiful, big brother. Take a look at the aurora as well."
―Elizabeth, commenting on how beautiful the stars are, as well as telling her brother to look at the aurora around the earth
"Beautiful.. So this is how aurora surrounds the earth."
―Ash, commenting on how beautiful the aurora is

Upon entering, Ash & Elizabeth were astonished to see the blinking stars, and the beautiful aurora fields around the earth; Ash cites this as the first time since they were kids where both, he and his sister get to spend time with each other looking at the night sky, Elizabeth liked what her brother thought of, and certainly agreed with him. They were interrupted by Sean, who called them for the first Space Practice drill.

The Space Practice drills begin, and everyone was put into practice groups:

  1. Ash & Saji
  2. Elizabeth & Louise
  3. Shane & John
  4. Christopher & Ernesto
  5. Christina & Bianca
  6. Richard & Michael
  7. Joseph & Stella
  8. Derek & Amber

Amuro, Lacus, and Setsuna appear to explain the rules of the practice drills.

  1. All pilots must use mass-produced versions of their main mobile suits
  2. These practice drills will last for only ten minutes, so think of them as a time trial.
  3. You can retry once per drill, so if you messed up once, you can have another go at it.