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Chapter 49: Unforgiven


After recovering from depression in which the death of Emily caused, Ash and Elizabeth enter the combat zone one more time to settle their score with William once and for all. Elizabeth tells Ash that she will stay inside of the Starta to stay safe, she also told him that she will provide him with support during the fight, mentioning that whenever he is in a moment of distress, he should call Sumeragi to provide backup from Emerald Tower Militaire, the Sapphire City Council, and the Gundam Meisters.

Before launching in the Emerald Gundam, Jack, Serena, Shane, John, Saji, Louise, Sean, Jane, and everyone from Celestial Being all tell him to believe in himself, and that he shouldn't worry too much about Emily's death. Ash understands and acknowledges what they said, and deploys the Emerald Gundam into combat.

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Battleship Starcross, William fully repairs The O, and launches into combat by himself. He thinks about his strategy to win the war for himself, killing Ash, and even blaming him for Emily's death, although it was actually William that killed her. The final battle of the Sacred Lightning War beings after he launched The O into combat.

The Emerald Gundam looks around the Weissberg Asteroid Belt for any sign of William's whereabouts, he notices fast movements that could signal his attack on him. Elizabeth then told Ash to look behind him, and it turns out to be William, who attempts to kill Ash using The O's bio-scythe.

Ash uses the Emerald Gundam's sword to guard himself from William's Bio-Scythe, but he then attempts to attack him using its Ragnarok attack. However, The O disappears before the Ragnarok attack got to him, and it kicks the Emerald Gundam after reappearing from behind. William attempts to kill Ash with his scythe, but the Nightingale's funnels attack him before such action could be done. Shane uses the Revolver's Defense Plate to defend Ash from William's impending attacks.

Ash attacks William and destroys The O's right arm, William tells Ash that it's not over yet, and that the fun just got started. The Episode ends with Elizabeth preparing to deploy in the Peacemaker to save her brother and aid him in killing William.

"Looks like its the end of the road for you, William. How many people have you killed? who begged for their lives, just like your doing now?
You should admit that you were the one that killed Emily, not me and Elizabeth. Why are you taking the blame on us?

Next time on Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Memories: Love is the Pursuit of the Skies. Goodbye, William.
―Ash narrating the final episode.

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