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An imperfect, "Fake" GN Drive that was quickly built by members of Celestial Being at Jupiter that were loyal to the Corner Family, due to it being a rushed design it is somewhat weaker than a traditional GN Drive and therefore was kept secret by the Corner Family as their "Trump Card".


Core Components

  • Flywheel

The flywheel system is a system of funnels that spin throughout the GN Drive. They absorb the photons within the GN drive power plant by spinning the funnels inwards and spewing GN Particles through the vent of the GN Drive outward. Thus creating a high propulsion system.

  • GN Generation Furnace

One of the core components of a GN Drive, the GN Generation Furnace harnesses energy to produce GN Particles.

  • Stability Control

The Stability Control is the "brain" of a GN Drive, regulating the Drive's output. It is likely where the software and mechanisms for GN Repose as well as Trans-Am itself are to be found. This is also the likely location of the Black Box, as it could be reasonably assumed that it would always stay with the GN Drive.

  • Pseudo Topological Defect (TD) Blanket

The TD Blanket module is the special key component used in the five GN Drives, however the Fake GN Drive's lower output rate is due to the fact that the TD Blanket in this unit is only guesswork by workers whom had no expertise in that field and therefore it is considered a "Pseudo TD Blanket", through this the unit has a near infinite operational time like the Gundam-type Mobile Suite however have the same GN Particle output as the GN Drive Tau.


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