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FATE Factor (フェイトファクター, Feito Fakutā), more commonly referred to as FATE (フェイト, Feito) is the classification of natural humans that have evolved to utilize quantum brainwaves and featured in Mobile Suit Gundam FATE series. Human can possess "FATE Mode", and turning the original human into FATE.

When activated, the eyes became glowing into different color and the image of flower will appear on its eyes depending on its user. The users w/FATE Factor has the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves (QBWs), possesses telepathic abilities that allow him or her to sense the thoughts and feelings of neighboring people enhanced reflexes and a sense for danger precognition. They are also said to be able to live twice as long as a normal human.

However, if anyone who's particularly have strong will, its users will evolved into FATE Hybrid, which more powerful and abilities than original FATE.

Known Characters w/FATE Factor:

Names Affiliations Status Known Powers
Ignis Niveus Forsaken Rose Alive


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