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Chapter 43: Emily's Sacrifice


The Sacred Lightning War gets fiercer by the minute, Ash emits a distress signal, and tells Sumeragi to call the Gundam Meisters for backup. Saji and John have finished repairs on the Colony Laser, while Louise and Shane tell them to wait for the right moment to fire the laser.

William, displeased with Emerald Tower Militaire's efforts, sends Daisuke Yamazaki as a pilot for one of his mass produced GINN's to fight Ash. However, Ash rams Daisuke's mobile suit to the center of the colony laser, trapping him in the process. Saji enables a barrier to the core of the colony laser to prevent it from being destroyed, and Shane found Ash's new-found strategy useful, Shane proceeds to fight Ayumi Taiga, only to lure her to the center of the colony laser, thus trapping her as a result.

Jack and Serena enter the battlefield with the Nightingale, and uses its funnels to prevent William from destroying the colony laser. Emily, however, unknowingly enters the fight to end the war in her custom colored Zaku Warrior.

Ash now proceeds to fight William, using the Emerald Gundam's psycommu to detect the pattern The O is using for its attack. Elizabeth provides her brother with repairs in her Hospital Zaku Warrior, she then tells Ash that she regretted killing Teresa, and Ash forgives her, telling her that its not a big deal since she is going to get revived after the war. He then takes off to fight William to end the war once and for all; Emily joins Ash and William' fight, only to sacrifice herself to save the former from The O's likely killing blow.

She then calls out to William, asking him if he believes people are changing throughout time. William, now in tears over what he as done, believes that one day people will control time, as well as questioning her on why she joined them, and had visions of Ash and Elizabeth running in an island with her. The O drifts away as Emily's Zaku Warrior explodes. Elizabeth witnessed it from the Galacticus Starta, crying over the death of her genetic sister, and clone, while Ash screams out in sadness. William bursts into tears, claiming that he has done a terrible thing which he can never take back.

Ash returns to the Starta shortly afterward to be with Elizabeth, they had thought about Emily one more time, as she was like a sister to them, and the reality of war truly begins to sink in as they feel responsible for her death, whereas William was the one that killed her. Ash & Elizabeth, now enraged at William's actions, vow to kill him to avenge her death.

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