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Chapter 5: Happiness


The episode starts with Elizabeth narrating the events from Chapter 3, it later goes to a scene where she is at her home. She is no longer depressed, as she is starting to feel happy, hoping to see her brother again. She then asks her parents if she can go to the mall today, namely to buy some new clothes for whenever she sees her brother again. They said yes, and they prepare to take Elizabeth to the mall.

The scene then cuts to an unknown pilot, who sneaks in his parents' house to get the ASO Gundam out of his father's basement. He then takes it to Emerald Tower Militaire's Gundam labs, he adds the Psycommu system, a device that is able to directly interpret the user's thoughts by picking up their brainwaves to the ASO. He prepares to go to combat, mainly to test out his new-found Newtype abilities.

The scene later goes back to Elizabeth, who is at the Sapphire City Mall shopping for clothes. She tries them on and likes some of the clothes, but didn't like the rest. She buys the ones she liked the most, and leaves the shop. As she prepares to leave the mall, a Black Zaku II appears and destroys the mall, causing it to fall apart. Everyone but Elizabeth left the mall to evacuate, Elizabeth starts to cry for help.

During his first time in combat, the pilot's Newtype powers allowed him to hear a girl crying for help with the Psycommu system and flies to the scene. He lays the ASO's hands down to save her, she tells whoever is piloting the ASO Gundam to put her down, he acknowledged greatly to do so. The pilot then sees the Zaku that destroyed the mall, he read the mind of the person piloting the Zaku and destroys it with one slash, thus presumably killing the pilot of the Zaku and saving the girl from her death.

When the pilot of the ASO comes out of the cockpit, he reveals himself to be Ash, Elizabeth's older brother. Elizabeth was really happy to see him, telling him how much she missed him after eight years apart. Ash was called a hero for saving her, the siblings hug and are happily reunited.

"Ash, it is you, I knew it!"
―Elizabeth, when she sees Ash.
"Wow, you've grown a lot! Also, I'm sorry if I didn't return home after leaving the United Nations, I might as well tell you my recent turn of events:

As you saw, I joined Emerald Tower Militaire a day after I left the United Nations. Under them, I can finally be an Ensign like I wished for my entire life.
―Ash, apologizing to his sister and explaining his recent turn of events to her after they reunite.
"Ash. I understand, and it doesn't really matter, because I missed you a lot!"
―Elizabeth's response
"I missed you too, Elizabeth. We met again, like we promised.

Would you like to join the squad I'm in?
―Ash, responding to Elizabeth and referring her to join Emerald Tower Militaire.
"Yay! Thank you so much, and sure! I would love to stay by your side, Ash!"

Ash apologizes to his sister and explained his recent turn of events to her, she understands and tells him that it doesn't matter. Ash later refers her to join Emerald Tower Militaire, and she gratefully accepts. Thus the dawn of a new day begins.

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