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Chapter 9: Elizabeth's first day


Elizabeth starts to wake up after her five day sleep. She then notices that she is starting to feel dizzy, and was taken back to the testing room to see her results. Ash and Serena came to her and explained her results:

"During the test, we saw that you already know how to operate a Gundam well. We were so fascinated that someone like you, whose parents were Gundam pilots learn how to use all the controls in a Gundam without the need for lessons.

You were impressive taking out all those Zaku's in the first mission, what also impressed us about you, is that you were able to pass the second and third missions within the time limit. You are really quick, Elizabeth.

From this day forth, you are now a Newtype.
―Ash and Serena, explaining Elizabeth's results to her

She began to ask what a Newtype is, Ash and Serena tell her politely:

"Newtypes are a minor but groundbreaking metamorphosis is usually expressed as a heightened mental awareness, the result of an evolutionary adaptation to life in space.

They also have an extremely high degree of spatial awareness. Some but not all, are capable of emphatically detecting other Newtypes, and are sensitive to the hostile intentions directed at them by others, allowing them to uncannily preemptively react to such dangers. This effect is often depicted as a white bolt flashing across their forehead with an accompanying sound effect, a phenomenon referred to as a "Newtype flash".
―Ash and Serena, explaining to Elizabeth what Newtypes are

Ash got the Gundam Peacemaker from the storage room and gave it to Elizabeth as a reward for passing the test, he reveals to her that he got both the ASO and Peacemaker to take them to Task Squad 496's Gundam Labs, and that he had to disguise himself to get them out of their storage room; Ash also modified the Peacemaker to include the Psycommu System, much like how he did with the ASO Gundam.

Jack Crawford arrives to the scene to give Elizabeth and Ash some rather sad news, he tells the siblings that their parents, Quinton and Eliza Kennedy were killed by Lightning Squad petty officer Josh Starstorm. The siblings cry for their loss, and Ash vows to kill Josh with the mercy to avenge his parents.

"Josh...for killing my parents...I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!"
―Ash Kennedy, vowing to kill Josh Starstorm

Saji and Louise overhear Ash's vow to kill the murderer of his parents. They saw Elizabeth crying, they asked her what's wrong, and Elizabeth replies with that her parents were killed by Josh Starstorm, a member of the Lightning Squad. Ash learns that Josh is the brother of Gerald Starstorm, who he was in the same faction he was until his defection. Ash and Elizabeth then go to combat after Task Squad 496 detected a couple of Gyan's in the vicinity of Emerald Tower.

Ash tells Elizabeth to watch for the movements of her targets, she examined them and learned that they follow a unique pattern, a pattern easy enough for her to destroy the Gyan's. She takes out the Gyan's in her half of Emerald Tower, while Ash was busy examining the pattern that the Gyan's are using, Ash learned it and destroyed them, thus saving Emerald Tower from the Lightning Squad's proposed attack.

William was angry that his plan failed, he awakens the Psycho Gundam for his next planned attack. It begins to absorb Emily in the process, turning her eyes to a soulless blue color. Thus, she had become a slave to the Psycho Gundam.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes the Peacemaker to the Gundam Labs for repairs, seeing that repairs are what a normal Gundam needs after a day in combat. The episode ends with Setsuna F. Seiei and Lacus Clyne preparing for a speech involving Celestial Being and Task Squad 496.

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