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The battlefield

Before the battle began, the Gundam Meisters of Star Strike were ordered to pursue Milliardo Consulo to the Super Human Institute base within the Sahara Desert. When they reached the location, Ransac Strike, Strafe, and Longshot went into the facility on foot. Once inside the group quickly realized the base was abandoned.

The group found a locked room within the facility. After breaking off the lock, the group continued inside. In there they discovered a graveyard of failed Ransac clones floating inside large containers. With this discovery the group was confronted by Karith, the man behind Ransac's creation. They were joined shortly after this by Milliardo.

After Karith attempted to escape, Strafe and Ransac took off in full pursuit, leaving Longshot to hold off Milliardo.

The Battle

Once the two reached their mobile suits, they immediatly began a search for Karith. He was discovered attempting to flee in a Tieren Taozi. With this discovery, Ransac began a fierce battle with Karith, nearly tearing him apart during the fight. Eventually Karith recieved support from Milliardo, who had escaped his battle with Longshot unharmed.

The two began to battle Ransac on two fronts, Milliardo attacking at close range while Karith supplied support from afar.


The battle immediatly shifted to Star Strike's favor when Ransac recieved support from Strafe, Dom, and Longshot, who had also escaped his battle relatively unharmed. This advantage quickly ended when Karith summoned his own allies, an army of Super Soldiers, all piloting Tieren Taozi's. With no choice the group was forced to retreat underwater to escape.

With the end of the battle, the War against Karith officially began.

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