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Drake Bege, also known by the codenames Hawkeye, Black Blade and Midnight, is a primary character in the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms site and a HRL Black Ops Super-Soldier. He pilots the MSJ-06111 KY Tieren Kokuto Yoru.


He is a 27 year old man. Standing at a menacing 6'6". He has short black hair combed back, slightly spiky. At the back, he has a short ponytail near the top of the back of his head. He has fine facial hair, a small stache and a small beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. His eyes are a yellow color, with dark circles around his pupils. He wears a black hat with a light aquagreen plume on the back. He wears a black cloak with long tails exposing a good amount of his chest, and a black necklace in the shape of bat wings.


He is a very serious man. Showing no emotions like happiness, or suprise. He can be witty, and even though he is very popular with the ladies he ignores them all. Not having time to focus on them. No matter who his enemy is, he will cut them down without thought. He rarely makes friends, and likes to smoke.


Drake's history is as yet unknown. He is however an experienced fighter, trained swordsman, and as Super Soldiers are typically 'completed' as children, it can be assumed that he has been deployed in combat for roughly fifteen years.


  • Drake takes after the One Piece character Mihawk 'Hawk Eyes' Dracule in his appearance, personality, and the sword his Tieren uses.

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