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Donash G.
Fieldland, comrade of the task force fereral union. Donash knew Enrich since where they met during the lunch hour in the canteen. Donash was once an elite force who work-in-group from the colony, and was assigned to transfer his operation in EFSF. Donash realised that he was facing the terror in the war, but he also assigned to be retalliate with Enrich in order to complish their combat task.


Donash appears to be trapped in Zeon's Tunnel, leaving Enrich to survive from their final mission. But Donash was captured and hunt down by Zeon army and imprisoned. Enrich heard the gunshot, after leaving the tunnel and reported to the HQ, and said that Donash couldn't survived from the mission.

-It was year 0080, that Donash was reported classified to be death.

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