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This article is about fictional nations and factions from the Diamond Era timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries.

Governmental Organizations

United Nations Administration

The United Nations Administration (国際連合行政, Kokusai Rengō Gyōsei) is the unified government organizations.

Arcane Military Corporation

Neutral / Mercenary Organizations

Forsaken Rose

The Forsaken Rose (フォーセーケン・ローズ, Fōsēken Rōzu) is an private security company/private military organization which formed by Ignis Niveus and a group of orphans who have lost their familys or being abandoned.

Celestial Liberation Army

The Celestial Liberation Army (セレスティアル解放軍, Seresutiaru Kaihō Gun) is formed by the drifters whose has been abandoned and continually moving from place to place, without any fixed home or job. The CLA were known traveling around the area with trains or ships and they're expert for transportation raid as they've gain an upper hands on various transportation.

Ace of Phantom

The Ace of Phantom (エース・オブ・ファントム, Ēsu Obu Fantomu) is the large and most dangerous criminal / terrorist organization which formed by an corrupted Arcane Military Corporation, Silence Words and EDEN in the 02213 D.E.

Silence Words

The Silence Words (サイレンスワード, Sairensu Wādo) is the most dangerous mercenary team.


Delta Mercenary

The Delta Mercenary (デルタ傭兵, Deruta Yōhei) is unofficial affiliation but it was never existed because it is not an organization but rather rank only.

Uncategorized / Unknown  Organization


The Judicium (ジャディシアム, Jadishiamu) is indigenous life forms which inhabited both Earth and unknown planet called Eternium.

Manufacturer Organizations

X-Gear Incorporated

The X-Gear Incorporated (エックス-ギア株式会社, Ekkusu-Gia Kabushikigaisha) is an non-military contractor and the semi-nationalized munitions company and also serves as Forsaken Rose's ally.

Aruz Electronics

Dash Arrow Incorporated

Celsius R&D Incorporated

Blade Workshop


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