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The Diamond Era (ダイヤモンド・エラ, Daiyamondo Era) is the fictional timeline of the anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam FATE and its spinoff projects. The timeline of Diamond Era (abbreviated as DE or D.E.) is derived from the real life term, which is the designation used to number years.



02110 D.E.

  • An private security company/private military organization called "Forsaken Rose" has been established.

02111 D.E.

  • A unidentified lifeforms called "Judicium" has been appeared and the begin of collapse of the Humanity.
  • 100,000 lives has been extinguished.
  • Cherznal War has come to an end.

02112 D.E.

02117 D.E.

02225 D.E.

02226 D.E.


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