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Chapter 15: Destroy the Supply Line!


Ash & Saji rush back to the Galacticus Starta after being caught by one of the bombs planted by the Lightning Squad. Jack watches the Lightning Squad's movements and prepares to put everyone in pairs of two for individual assignments for their attack for the first battle of the war.

There are three teams made in teams of two; Ash & Elizabeth were assigned to destroy the Lightning Squad's supply line, located in an abandoned mining shaft in the heart of Neo Hong Kong. While Saji & Shane were assigned to infiltrate the Battleship Starcross, and Louise & John were assigned to patrol around Neo Hong Kong to alarm Task Squad 496 of any impending attacks from the Lightning Squad. The three pairs are assigned to rendezvous with each other after they complete their assigned tasks.

Meanwhile, the screen then cuts to Gerald Starstorm, who has now betrayed the Lightning Squad, forms the Anti-Lightning Squad rebellion group, Axis in his brother's memory. He also formed Axis to take his own advantage to settle his score with Ash once and for all. Although it is too early, he wants to settle things with him once the war enters its final battle. His strategy is to take down Celestial Being and the Lightning Squad on his own by the end of the war.

Ash & Elizabeth made it to the Supply Line, Jane gave them what Jack told her to give them, their objective is to destroy the supply line so they can steal the minerals that the Lightning Squad has gathered to create nuclear-powered Gundam units. The two later fell into a trap, as a group of Gyan's and GINN's appear in front of them. Ash took out one half, while Elizabeth took out the other half. The floor of the mining facility crumbles into two, and William appears in front of them.

The episode ends with a preview for the next episode, narrated by Ash.