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The Dalbo Line is a term used to refer to a series of Mobile Suits produced by Clluminati for the Swedish Military. The Dalbo Line were in fact the first Mobile Suits produced and deployed by Sweden. Dalbos had been intended to be high performance Mobile Weapons that would outgun and outmaneuver their opponents, at least in theory. The Weapon's initial reception was mostly positive often citing its performance at public demonstrations which did much to persuade both the public and the military staff to fund the Dalbo Line. There had been much criticism of the Dalbo Line even prior to its introduction by members of the Swedish Military. The most notable of the Dalbo's critics was Stibram Vaunt, commanding officer of the Sapmi First and Only. Vaunt argued that the Dalbo was impressive at public demonstrations but impractical for front line combat. Vaunt believed that the Dalbo's rival, the YMR2 Drever Pre-Production Type, was better suited to military deployment.

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