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The technology used to create the original Gundam Tornado and the DUO-031 Gundam Hurricane was combined and put into the DUO-001U Gundam Swirling Tornado. The Swirling Tornado was the first Gundam to be outfitted with the GUST System. After the recovery of Trevor Morrell and the Tornado's frame,the Rebellion quickly got to work creating a new Mobile Suit for their ace pilot. The ran into a challenge,however, finding a way to power the Slashers and the GUST System. The problem was resolved when the Rebellion received the blue prints of the Pseudo-GUUNDAAM Drive and used them to upgrade their own GUUNDAAM Drive to have the power of not only a GUUNDAAM Drive but a Pseudo-GUUNDAAM Drive as well.



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In Dark Age 0012 the Swirling Tornado was stripped down yet again and upgraded to the Gundam Tornado Mk. II. This machine had unmatchable speed and twice the armor and firepower capabilities of the Swirling Tornado