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The Confederacy of Liberty is a Neutral Nation against the Act of War, wishing to end War by countering Force with Force, to this end they were the cause behind the formation of Terminal which acts as the Confederacy's Military Branch.




The COL and therefore Terminal in Newtype Seed is based at a unique position in a location known as Nega Lagrange Five which is a location directly opposite the PLANT Homeland's position on the opposite Orbit of the Earth Sphere, literally having the Earth eclipse their view from the rest of the Sector allowed Neutral Nations the building of roughly 80 Colonies varying between O-Neil Colonies and even PLANT-Type Colonies once neutral parties at the PLANTs got involved. These Colonies were originally used by both Naturals and Coordinators to escape the pre-war aggression thrown between the PLANTs and the EA, after the war started however the Homeland decided to build the eventual Space Fortress: New Platea which at the time was a simple Asteroid Base, as the war worsened the next Generation of those Colonies began to become Military aggressive, therefore Terminal was built shortly afterward.



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Confederate Allies


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