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Cerulean Sky is an Innovade and primary character of the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms forum. She is the Meister of the GN-004 Gundam Neuvieme.


A slim individual with a vaguely feminine build and youthful features. Cerulean is built as a female but appears quite androgynous. She has pale skin, blue hair that curls naturally and is kept cut short, and dark red eyes. On occasions, her irises mysteriously shine golden.


Cerulean is incredibly factually intelligent and her technical knowledge of how to pilot a mobile suit is excellent. However, she lacks practical experience and her social skills and knowledge of how people behave are both seriously lacking. Perhaps more dangerously, she has not yet realised that lacking such things will be a problem, and believes she can simply proceed based on technical knowledge alone.


Cerulean’s history and background is classified information encrypted in the higher levels of the Veda computer system. Out of character; she’s an Innovade, meaning her entire mind and personality was synthesised by said computer system a couple years ago and downloaded into an altered clone body grown in a tube. This means she benefits from quantum brainwaves and enhanced reflexes/ spatial awareness. Note that even her Veda access is restricted, meaning that she isn’t fully aware of her own nature.

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