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The Celestial Engine Prototype is a powerful Powerplant designed by Andras Casaba and was based off the Relic Creation Engine located within the GAT-X50 Revelation Gundam, despite being a prototype it is more powerful than even a Nuclear Reactor and it is said that the Particles it uses are volatile to humans should they be released in an explosion prior to being condenced within a Celestial Engine, Andras explained that out of Ten People (either Natural or Coordinator) only 1 person would survive their Volatile nature and 99.9% of the time that one person would later either have a weakened immune system or get cancer later instead of evolving into Artifical Newtypes.


Despite being hazard to humans prior to being condenced, the Creation Particles within a Celestial Engine Prototype gives enough power to be compared to a Nuclear Reactor though they are weaker to the Creation Engine Prototypes and Anti-Matter Reactors found in the ships used by the Dark Celestials, Krane personally believes that Creation Particles and the devices that use them are not just the past but future for humanity.


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