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Chapter 10: Celestial Being


Jack Crawford receives a video message from Setsuna F. Seiei, who leads the Gundam Meisters branch of Celestial Being. He tells Jack that all of Task Squad 496 must attend an important meeting regarding Celestial Being and TS496, Jack acknowledges and prepares to inform everyone in TS496 to dress up and get ready. Serena Winston receives the same message from Lacus Clyne.

Ash and Elizabeth were informed by Jack to get dressed for an really important meeting. Ash wears his professional suit to get ready for the day, Elizabeth, on the other hand, wears a red-colored dress with white dress shoes. Serena informed the remainder of Task Squad 496 to get ready, while the remainder of the squad get prepared, Lacus returns to the TS496 headquarters to talk to Ash and Elizabeth.

"You two must be the Kennedy Siblings, right? My name is Lacus Clyne, I am the wife of Kira Yamato and the Sapphire City Council's secretary. I have come to talk to the both of you about your astonishing achievements in Task Squad 496.

Ash, I am proud of you for saving your own sister when the Sapphire City Mall was destroyed, I wouldn't expect an older brother to save his own little sister, especially if she is The Ice Princess. As for you Elizabeth, I am really astonished that you trained with your older brother to practice for the Forced Evolution test. I think your brother deserves credit for looking after you.

Also, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your parents, they were such nice people, I too can't forgive the Lightning Squad for such a criminal act. I am entrusting this medal to you two for your hard work.
―Lacus Clyne, while talking to Ash and Elizabeth

Lacus has finished talking to them and returns to the Celestial Being conference room. The rest of Task Squad 496 has finished up getting ready for the meeting, and Ash takes them in his personal limo. Ash and Elizabeth take the front seats, while the rest of the squad sit behind them.

"This Limo was modified by me and Elizabeth to fit the whole fifty-member squad, I also gave it a GPS to direct us to the Conference Room in no time flat, and no, this limo will not transform into a Gundam.."
―Ash Kennedy
"Big Brother, you are such a tech genius!"
―Elizabeth Kennedy

Task Squad 496 makes it to the Conference Room, Ash and Elizabeth meet Setsuna, who also happens to be an innovator like them. Tieria Erde also meets the Siblings, as well as Shane, who finds out that Erde is his cousin. Setsuna prepares to give his speech, which is divided into four parts: Two for him, one for Ash, and one for Elizabeth.

"Thank you all for coming to this important meeting tonight, we of Celestial Being would love to welcome Task Squad 496 as a branch of ours. Task Squad 496 is led by the one and only Jack Crawford, his fifty member squad grew fast within the first few months of its founding. Among its members, one of its most notable are the Kennedy Siblings, who are newcomers to the squad, their hard work has been one contributing factor to us wanting to acquire Task Squad 496 as a branch of Celestial Being. Up on this stage now, are the Kennedy Siblings. First up is The Green Blaze himself, Ash Kennedy!"
―The first part of Setsuna F. Seiei's speech
"Thank you, thank you. It is an honor to be here to support Celestial Being, Task Squad 496, and the Sapphire City Council. I joined Task Squad 496 after I defected from the United Nations, the people there treated me like if I were an outsider, that is why I came to Task Squad 496. I have made a lot of new friends when I joined the squad. I was honored with an award for saving my little sister's life when the Sapphire City Mall was destroyed.

I always look after my little sister, much like how our late parents looked after us; Now, without further ado, please welcome my little sister and The Ice Princess herself, Elizabeth Kennedy!
―Ash's part of the speech
"I would like to thank my older brother for being here by my side, he means a lot in my life; Like my brother said, it is an honor to be here to support Celestial Being, Task Squad 496, and the Sapphire City Council tonight. I joined Task Squad 496 after my brother saved my life, my feelings for him changed that day. We used to throw fits at each other yes, but no matter what, I will always love my older brother; I will fight with my brother to put an end to the Lightning Squad, the Innovators, and Neo Axis. They mean serious business to us, and I will fight in the war to put an end to them.

I will also support the rebuilding of the Sapphire City Mall to its former glory, without it, there will be no place to shop in Sapphire City. I brought this dress on the day the Mall was destroyed, and when I wore it, the mall started to fall apart with out me noticing. That was when my Brother came to save me.

To finish this speech up, here's Setsuna!
―Elizabeth's part of the speech
"Like the Kennedy Siblings said, I am honored to have helped making Task Squad 496 a branch of Celestial Being, they will serve as our military task force branch from this day forth. I will present these medals to Ash and Elizabeth Kennedy for their hard work and goals to make Sapphire City a better place. I will also award medals to all of Task Squad 496, the Sapphire City Council, and The Gundam Meisters themselves. Thank you all for coming tonight, it was a pleasure for you all to come."
―Setsuna, finishing up his speech

The episode ends with Ash introducing the Galacticus Starta, his own self-made battleship to Celestial Being before doing some more training with Elizabeth; however, he was starting to feel exhausted while he was sleeping, seeing the battles he had fought in and petty annoyances play in his mind.

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