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The CP-01 Buster Sword, literally Meaning Celestial Phase Generation 1 Buster Sword, is a powerful Mobile Suite-use Anti-Ship-like Sword designed by Newtype Immortal and Scientist: Andras Casaba.


The Design of this unique sword is hard to describe however Andras Casaba designed the sword specifically with the term "Sword and Shield" in mind, to that end it was wondered what could enhance the strength of the blade to that end and Andras came to an idea - he would combine Phase Shift Armour over a Thick Anti-Beam Coating and forcefully fuse them together through the use of Creation Particles as well as their Radiation, because of this it is formed out of a very powerful Phase Shift Armour composite that due to the enhancement of the Anti-Beam Coating and Creation Particles through it made it able to stand-up to a Mobile Suite-use Positron Cannon.


Offensive Capabilities

Defensive Capabilities


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