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Gundam Una (pronounced Ew-Nay, short for Unabhängigkeit, the German word for Independence), is a Gundam used by Setsuna F. Seiei when he joined the Innovators in the Fanfiction "New Dawn" by Blaid, it is built off the GNR-001 Gundam Exia Renesance and GNYR-004 Gundam Plutone Renesance.


A Gundam built off from the Gundam Exia after it was trashed in its fight against Graham Aker and his GN Flag, unlike the original Exia, Una does not have an Original GN Drive as they have not extracted the data on the production of them nor can they use Exia’s since it is being used for analyzing its Black Box that hopefully has the data required to make more GN Drives, instead it seems that presently that they have found ways to upgrade the GN Drives and GN Tau Drives beyond all imagination due to information that had thus far been extracted by Setsuna’s brother.

Operational History

Gundam Una was used by Setsuna when he joined A-LAWs where he confirmed that he had once been a member of Celestial Being with the intent of spying on them, while some members of the A-LAWs didn't accept Setsuna at first, eventually he managed to make himself known as a high ranked Licensed Pilot. By the time of Celestial Being's return to the stage, Setsuna was well known in the Peace Keeping Force and was therefore intent in his mission to destroy all opposition to the United Nations.