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A battle in the Fanfiction "Young Comet". This was a Battle between Neo-Zeon and the Lando Bell Taskforce escorting the Unicorn Gundam to Earth, was known as the first default battle in which Kazan Aznable took a position as a Mobile Suit Pilot to face off against Lando Bell, the battle ended in a ceasefire in the front of it possibly starting a war however this was Lando Bell trying to buy more time.


The Battle

The Battle saw the use of the ZG-01 Kanone/Gabriel Gilbert as the main attacker of the combat, using its long range and massive firepower to destroy two Clop-class Light Cruisers very shortly before the battle begins as well most of their Complement's destruction before launch, similar a clash between the MSN-04 Shanel/Kazan Aznable showed Kazan Aznable's immunity to the NT-D System due to his erratic Newtype-based brainwaves.

Lando Bell then descided to look at a negotiating means to get to Earth considering that they were trespassing in Neo-Zeon territory and had slighted one of their splinter groups (the "Sleeves"), Kazan Aznable reveals to Lando Bell his true identity as the son of Char Aznable and Haman Kahn, the crown prince of Neo-Zeon by the name Kyle Kahn Deikun whom led them to the "Gate of Axis" for a traditional Three Day Negotiations Ceremony.


Though the battle didn't start a war in itself, it did agitate both Neo-Zeon and Earth Federation based powers against the other however Neo-Zeon having a good alibi with that territory of Space having become Neo-Zeon's territory through negotiations, considering that part of Orbit was indeed near the "Gate of Axis" which was a major Neo-Zeon Fortress since it contained the remains of Axis, however peace talks were actually a part of Lando Bell's ploy to attain information and reinforcements from Earth Federation Space Forces nearby as well as learning that Neo-Zeon Forces nearby were moving to surround them which led to the Battle at the Gate of Axis to slip past the Neo-Zeon Forces at their weakest point to enter Earth Atmosphere.