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Chapter 18: Attack at Onyx Town


After the Nightingale was proven to be a success, Ash learns that the next battle of the Sacred Lightning War will take place in Onyx Town. Elizabeth, Jack, and Serena were aware to see who their next enemy in the war is, but Ash doesn't have a clue himself.

Having precaution to enter combat again, Ash launches in the ASO Gundam to look around the area for signs of the rumored enemy ambush. He sees the Lightning Squad's GINN mobile suits assisting in the raid. Shane sees Ash fighting against the GINN's, but he managed to join in the fight as well.

Meanwhile, Sean sees an unidentified mobile suit assisting the GINN's. Elizabeth; however, finds out that the mobile suit is a Lightning Throne mobile suit, and the first of its kind. She identifies the machine as the Desperado, and its pilot as Travis Willis.

"Travis! You will be damned for what you are doing!"
―Ash, cursing Travis
"Ash Kennedy... It has been a long time, has it not? Do you remember my sister, Teresa?"
―Travis, mentioning Teresa to Ash
"Son of a... I will destroy you!"
―Shane, interrupting Ash and Travis
"Shane Johnson... I wonder why you were always inferior to me"
―Travis, taunting Shane

During the battle, Ash hears and identifies a familiar voice, he finds out that it was Travis, the brother of his childhood friend, Teresa Willis. He questions Travis on why he is going against him; however, he refused to answer. Shane saw Travis with a blink of his eye, fueled with anger, Shane developed a hatred for Travis, yelling at him for betrayal and taking everything away from him. Ash and Shane were forced to retreat by Jack for a breif meeting over the next battle.

After the credits roll, Shane intensifies his anger for Travis, pushing it over the limit. Vowing to kill him instead of defeating him, Ash grows concerned over Shane's newfound hatred for Travis.