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Atlantis Base was a large mobile underwater carrier that served as the primary technology development base. The Atlantis base was located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, later moving into the Pacific for security reasons.

The Atlantis Base served as the birthplace of nearly every piece of technology used by Star Strike. it was here that the first GN-Capacitor was constructed, and later, the GNC-Ex. It was also the first location to succesfully build a GN-Drive outside of the original five. As a result, it was also the construction place of the Agas series and Rush Gundam as well as the Dash Gundam.

Atlantis Base featured a multitude of defensive and offensive capabilities. It featured a powerful GN-Field that was all but impenetrable, giving it a perfect defense when under attack. For offensive purposes, the base featured numerous GN-Fin Bits, aquatic versions of the Rush Gundam's GN-Claws, GN-Torpedoes, and Aquatic Mines. It also featured four high output GN-Beam cannons, which could rotate and swivle around by a full 360 degrees along the hull.

For navigation, power, and movement, Atlantis Base featured two Big GN-Drive Taus, installed within the rear of the ship. It could also utilize Trans Am to increase output by 3 times that of normal operation.

Notable Personel

Ransac Strike


Strafe Lenardo

Syrene Gaze

Dom Bombardi

Mobile Suits/Armors


GNSS-1D Rush Gundam

GNSS-TD Gundam Executus

GNSS-TD-2 Guardian Gundam

GNSS-TD-3 Perfect Guardian

GNC-2 Agas

GNC-3 Saga

GNMA-04B11 Trilobite (Star Strike version)

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