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Chapter 4: Forced Evolution


The episode starts with Ash narrating the events from Chapter 2, then it later goes to a scene when after he joined Task Squad 496, Ash talks to Jack about the history of Task Squad 496, the people who fought for them, and their involvement with Gundams. Jack explained all three of those to him, he also told him about their involvement with Gundams, and what Gundams they used during their time in war. One of those Gundams was the RX-278 Gundam Mark III, which is now used as a test unit.

They later went to the testing room, where a new test known simply as the Forced Evolution test occured. Ash asked a question related to the Forced Evolution test, namely what the test is used for, and what the reward is upon completing the test. Jack explained all of those to him, but the latter. Due to the fact that it is a secret that he will reveal to him upon completing the test. He did explain that the test was used to determine whether or not the person taking the test will be eligible to take part in Combat with a Mobile Suit. Ash understood what Jack explained to him, and takes the test.

Ash starts the test, his first mission is to destroy 25 Zaku II's before time runs out. His second and third missions were somewhat difficult, as they both consist of flying and dashing. While taking the test, Ash unknowingly knew how to operate all of the controls in Gundam already, without lessons and all. He passed the test and his results were well. He was then put to sleep for 5 days.

During his sleep, his genes begin to change and he starts to see things he couldn't see before. One of which happened to be flashbacks from his past, his time at the United Nations, and him fighting with Gerald. He also starts to hear his sister communicate with him, telling him that she misses him dearly and how much she loves him. Ash starts to open one of his eyes during the third day of his sleep, he opens another on the fourth day.

He starts to wake up after his five day sleep. He then notices that he is starting to feel dizzy, and was taken back to the testing room to see his results. Serena Winston, an old friend of Jack's came to him and explained his results:

"During the test, we saw that you already know how to operate a Gundam well. We were so fascinated that someone like you, whose parents were Gundam pilots learn how to use all the controls in a Gundam without the need for lessons.

You were impressive taking out all those Zaku's in the first mission, what also impressed us about you, is that you were able to pass the second and third missions within the time limit. You are really quick, Ash.

From this day forth, you are now a Newtype.
―Serena, explaining Ash's results to him

Ash began to ask what a Newtype is, and Serena tells him politely:

"Newtypes are a minor but groundbreaking metamorphosis is usually expressed as a heightened mental awareness, the result of an evolutionary adaptation to life in space.

They also have an extremely high degree of spatial awareness. Some but not all, are capable of emphatically detecting other Newtypes, and are sensitive to the hostile intentions directed at them by others, allowing them to uncannily preemptively react to such dangers. This effect is often depicted in the anime series as a white bolt flashing across their forehead with an accompanying sound effect, a phenomenon referred to as a "Newtype flash".
―Serena, explaining to Ash what Newtypes are

At the end of the episode, Ash goes to his old home in disguise to get the ASO Gundam out of his father's basement. Elizabeth later narrates the preview for the next episode.

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