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Chapter 2: Truth


After his Junior Year in High School ended, Ash calls Elizabeth, who he hasn't seen for the last eight years to tell her that they will meet again soon. Elizabeth cries, telling her brother that she will happy to see him again soon, Ash then tells her that she can write him postcards to check up on how he is doing. Elizabeth accepts and tells him that she will be happy to write postcards to him.

Afterwards, he goes to the bus that takes him to the United Nations main office. He found himself to be a petty officer, a position that Ash never wanted to take up. Ash tells the person in charge of the United Nations, and complains to him about the position that he was assigned to. The commander then reveals that Ash was forced to be a petty officer because of his brash attitude, he told him that he changed for the better throughout the course of high school, but the commander refused to believe him.

Ash spent two months doing their dirty work, and their squad drills. He finds a postcard from his sister in his desk, it said the following:

"Dear Ash:

How are you today big brother, and how is the United Nations? I am deeply worried about you and I wish you'll always be by my side, just like in our childhood days. My time at the Lightning Squad is horrible, and my dreams of being an officer have been ruined, as I am a petty officer under them.

I really hope I can see you again Ash, since you are my older brother, you mean everything to me. Be sure to write back, I am happy to hear what you have to say!

From your caring little sister,
Elizabeth. (January 6, 2308)
―Elizabeth's postcard to Ash

Ash took his time to reply, and he said:

"Dear Elizabeth:

Thank you for the postcard! I am doing horrible and my time at the United Nations is worse than my time in High School. I was assigned to be a petty officer as well. I was even forced to do their dirty work. I don't even understand what I did to deserve such a punishment. I even told the commander of the United Nations that I changed, but he didn't believe me.

I really, really hope that I can see you again, and be sure to write back!

I love you and Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. From your loving older brother,
Ash. (January 7, 2308)
―Ash's reply to Elizabeth's postcard

The next day, he did another round of their dirty work. He learns that he is doing the same things over and over, and is starting to get tired of it. His lunch break started, he met Gerald Starstorm, who would later become his rival. The two got into a fight, and the commander came and broke it up. Ash called Gerald a whiny baby, and a general annoyance to him.

On the morning of January 8, 2308 A.D., Ash left the United Nations. He hopes to never think about them again, and puts his planned counterattack against them into motion. The episode ends when he meets Jack Crawford, the leader of Task Squad 496. The two came to an agreement, and Ash joined the squad on the following day. Elizabeth narrates the preview of the next episode afterwards.

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