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The Archminion Pride of The New Earth Forces under Dr.Murruta Azrael

The Arcminion of The New Earth Forces
Class: Battle Ship
Name: Archminion

Earth forces

  • Atlantic Federation
  • The New Alliance
Captain: Unknown
First Deployment and last Deployment
  • January C.E. 77
  • February C.E. 81 (Battle of Destruction)
  • Status: (Destroyed) crew had deployed in Earth wating for another sister Ship.

"Gottfried Mk.71" 225cm high-energy beam cannon; 2 x "Valiant Mk.8" 110cm linear cannon; 24 x surface-to-ship missile launcher; 16 x surface-to-air missile launcher; 16 x "Igelstellung" 75mm automatic multi-barrel CIWS

The Earth Gun Position on Bulk of the Ship

Crew Motto: The Pride of THe New Earth forces is on its way!!!!

THe Archminion is the new class Battle ship of the earth forces comes from the model of Archangel and Dominion but Archminion is more powerful rather than two late battle ships of Alliance and Federation.

Archminion is Design for Destruction and carrying the latest New gundam Model The GAT X green Frame. The Archminion had many carry out a Complete and smooth Mission's like the Battle of PLANTS, Battle of Deceptions etc.

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