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Anno Domini - The Green Blaze, also known as the Emerald Century, is a fanfiction sidestory taking place in an alternate reality version of Mobile Suit Gundam 00's setting. It documents the story of two new protagonists: Ash and Elizabeth Kennedy, two siblings who were destined to become Gundam Pilots. Characters from Gundam 00 who are alive in the end of Season 1, along with characters that debuted in Season 2 appear alongside of classic Gundam characters.

Series Overview


New Characters

Main Characters

Celestial Being

Emerald Tower Militaire
Crew of the Ptolemaios
  • Travis Willis (Also in Sovereign Serenity)

Returning Characters

Main Characters

Celestial Being

Crew of the Ptolemaios
Gundam Meisters


Celestial Being

World Economic Union

Earth Sphere Federation

Anno Domini - The Green Blaze
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