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Andros Bolt is the Gundam Team's Tactical Forecaster and a pilot whom specializes in real-time warfare to such an extent that OZ has difficulty keeping up with his altering strategies, because of this the Gundams are usually a step ahead of the OZ Forces and Andros systematically uses his intellect with the magnifying properties of the Zero System, Andros admits that he cares for Villain Yorn deeply.



Andros is shown to be kind and to some degree a bit timid not being assertive with his feelings with Villain or his view on how the plan should be carried out instead opting to believe that the Scientists have thought of everything and knows what they are doing. This changes after getting to Earth and he develops a twisted sense of what is right, going so far as to consider poisoning a lake or blow up a volcano to try and wipe out a whole city, in an attempt to destroy a nearby OZ base or draw out certain OZ elements from the Earth Sphere Alliance. He also becomes aggressive in attitude showing no more signs of hesitation on what he wants to do after Operation Planning falls to him, however he does have some doubts as seen when talking to Villain in the evenings.

Physical Appearance

Andros has a very regal appearance, especially considering he is foretold to be the heir to the Ares Corporation which builds weapons and imports equipment throughout the NIUT, he has stringy blond hair and blue eyes that shine like Sapphires. He wears blue usually because it brings out the colour of his eyes even more, he carries a Rapier sword with him when aboard the Meteorum and a location occupied by the NIUT, showing the official rank and position comes with much authority and power which will be defended if transgressed upon.


Powers and Abilities