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"What would you do if I wasn't there to save you're life? Oh, how I'd miss you and you're multiple close calls with cracking you're thick skull!"
―Andros to Villain Yorn playfully.

A Powerful Newtype descended from a Newtype Nobility Clan and trained to be the counterpart to Villain Yorn, he came to be the Head of the Ares Corporation and how he did so at a young age is up for deduction by Fans, the Ares Corporation is said to be a Company worth thousands of Billions that occupies the Mars' Economy and Mining rights in the Asteroid Field.



Andros is kind if not cruel when he needs to be, Andros is surprisingly honest when he wants to be however he does manipulate everyone's perspectives when it comes to the methods that the Empire needs to take and so his kindness, like with Quatre, is usually used more as a weapon when it needs to be. Andros may be kind however he is smart, he can keep up acts of kindness even in the most difficult of consequences without looking naive in the process, he is naturally sneaky in that means.

Physical Appearance

Andros' Newtype Genetics is described as the Cousin to Quatre and therefore they have similar Newtype Powers as they are genetically related, Andros similarly has Blond hair and Blue Eyes, he has a lean but muscular figure and unlike his Lover he prefers a formal dress so that he can play his part as CEO of the Ares Corporation and a Newtype Noble.


Powers and Abilities


  • Prior to Operation Meteor's "Plan B" being devised, Villain and Andros were intended to be the Coordinators of the 5 Gundam Pilots, having a personal space-to-atmosphere ship and a squad of Gundam-type Mobile Suites piloted by Newtype Clones.