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Chapter 16: Amuro & Lacus to the rescue!


"This is just great, Elizabeth & I were ambushed by a group of GINN's and Gyan's, and the leader of the Lightning Squad revealed himself as William Osborne"

The episode starts with a twenty-five second recap of events from the previous chapter, it then cuts to where the episode left off.

March 15, 2308 A.D., with no way out of the erupting Supply Line, Ash & Elizabeth were pulled into a trap triggered by none other than William Osborne, who was revealed to be the leader of the Lightning Squad; He then taunts both, Ash and Elizabeth for their attempt to destroy its supply line, a task he deems "Pathetic."

"Well, well.. If it isn't the Kennedy Siblings! I have heard alot about you, Ash Kennedy."
―William, as he introduces himself to Ash
"So you happen to be the leader of the Lightning Squad, huh?"
―Ash, questioning William
"William.. I will never forgive you, not ever!"
―Elizabeth, showing her hatred towards William
"Heheheh... So you were ordered by Celestial Being to destroy the Supply Line, huh? Well, that was utterly pathetic!"
―William, taunting both Ash and Elizabeth by calling their mission "pathetic"

Meanwhile, Saji, Shane, Louise, and John rendezvous with each other after completing their assigned task, however, they do not see Ash and Elizabeth. Saji and John report them as "missing" to Jack, Serena calls the Crew of the Ptolemaios to issue a search mission for them.

Upon the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi Lee Noriega receives the distress signal from Serena, Feldt and Lasse answered the call, and sent Amuro Ray & Lacus Clyne to search for them. Knowing that something bad will happen to them, Amuro hops onto the cockpit of the RX-93 Nu Gundam, while Lacus hops upon the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam.

"Looks like you two are going to have a lot of fun when I kill you both with this mobile suit right here, introducing... The O!"
―William, introducing his mobile suit to Ash and Elizabeth

The scene goes back to Ash, Elizabeth, and William, where William reveals his mobile suit shortly after introducing himself to Ash, known as the PMX-003/A The O ver. Annihilate; A faster, yet much stronger version of The O, Scirocco's Mobile Suit from the Gryps conflict. William gets out its Bio-Scythe, and attempts to kill the Kennedy Siblings with it. However, a funnel appeared as William attempts to cut half of the ASO, the funnels were shown to be that of the Nu Gundam's.

"You two have been a pain in my neck from the very start, I will just kill you both right now!"
―William's first strike
"I don't think so!"
―Amuro, firing one of his funnels at the Bio-Scythe
"Do you even know what you think you're doing? leave them alone!"
―Lacus, as she appears in front of William
"Isn't that.. the Nu Gundam?
If it is, isn't that Lt. Amuro?
―Ash Kennedy, after seeing the Nu Gundam
"That's the Justice Gundam isn't it?
If so, isn't that Lacus piloting it?
―Elizabeth Kennedy, after seeing the Justice Gundam

Amuro and Lacus appear in the spotlight, saving both, Ash and Elizabeth from William's attack. Amuro tells both to destroy the Supply Line, while they will distract William.

"You two, destroy the Supply Line while you can. We will distract the enemy as much as possible"
―Amuro, issuing an order to the Kennedy's
"Elizabeth. We believe in you, believe in yourself, and don't feel afraid. You have such a caring and loving brother by your side, and he will always be there to protect you."
―Lacus, encouraging Elizabeth not to give up

The Supply Line has been destroyed, and the Siblings make their escape. While Amuro and Lacus make their escape after using a smoke bomb to fly away from the scene. The ASO Gundam, and the Gundam Peacemaker appear in front of the Galacticus Starta, with everyone cheering that Ash and Elizabeth completed their mission and made it out safely. Greeted with hugs, Ash & Elizabeth are proud to make it back alive. The Episode ends with William making a remark to them that he will return next time, with his next plan that is in progress, which he states will not fail.