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The Africa base was the primary base of Star Strike prior to it's destruction during the War against Karith. From here, Star Strike trained it's pilots and researched mobile suit technology as they conducted their own operations.

The Africa base was a large mostly underground fortress positioned close to the sea. The base featured three hangers, one below ground opening just above the sea, one opening underwater, and one built into a mountain for immediate aerial deployment. It also contained; a medical lab, mobile suit repair bay, training center, mess hall, and living quarters for personel. The base also featured a mass driver for launching equipment and mobile suits into space. Africa Base was later abandoned after Karith's forces made a bold move to destroy Star Strike. The end result was complete destruction of the base, leaving only the mountain hanger, living quarters, and unknown to all, the mass driver, but it was damaged to where it could only be used twice before collapsing.

Besides operating as a military base, the Africa base also acted as a transit station between Atlantis Base and The Traveller, featuring it's own mass driver to send and retrieve supplies into and from space. The Traveller would send supplies down via diver field equipped supply pods, which the Africa Base would then retrieve before sending them underwater for Atlantis Base to recover.

Mobile Suits


GNSS-1D Rush Gundam

GNC-2 Agas

Throne Eins

Throne Zwei

Throne Drei

Gundam Meisters

Ransac Strike


Strafe Lenardo

Syrene Gaze

Dom Bombardi

Johann Trinity

Michael Trinity

Nena Trinity

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Veda Prototype

Before it's destruction, the base contained the 4th Veda Prototype. The existence and usage of the prototype was known only to Daryl.

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